StepUP project celebrates the one site meetup at Zöld Liget Kindergarten pilot

StepUP project celebrates the one site meetup at Zöld Liget Kindergarten pilot

The StepUP project has celebrated its first pilot open day aimed at presenting the concept plan prepared for the renovation of Zöld Liget Kindergarten (Budapest). Representatives from BP18, ABUD, employees from the Zöld Liget Kindergarten, together with 25 parents and 40 children, participated in the event.

Melinda Orova, senior consultant of ABUD, presented the kindergarten renovation concept, explaining in more detail the main problem related to the condition and current operation of the building, which was also supported by a comfort questionnaire conducted with the participation of kindergarten employees. Moreover, she presented the planned project solutions, with special focus on the two technologies developed, including the Plug&Play Envelope System and the flexible heating solution.

The event included different speeches of Péter Kőrös, vice mayor of the Municipality of Budapest XVIII district of Budapest; Szilvia Kékesi, Director of BP18 Centralised Network of Kindergartens and Dóra Herpainé Ábrányi, Director of Zöld Liget Kindergarten. The programme of the session also included a quiz game session about the current state of Budapest and the 18th district related to climate protection and sustainability held by Bálint Fleisz, senior project manager at ABUD and a questions & answers session in which the attendants could ask different questions related the project and the kindergarten pilot.

During the event the children could learn about energy use and sustainability through eco-games: they could use 7 bicycle-powered machines demonstrating energy production or they could enjoy the eco-tale covering the topic of energy savings

About the StepUP pilots

The project’s deep renovation solutions are being demonstrated in three different types of buildings. In the Budapest pilot, StepUP technologies will be demonstrated for public authorities. The deep renovation intervention includes the installation of the Plug & Play Envelope System, StepUP Heating Solution, roof insulation, the installation of PV panels and the change of the heat distribution system.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 847053.

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