StepUP technologies

Deep energy renovation solutions

The StepUP approach relies on a set of solutions and technologies applied at different phases of the implementation of the renovation methodology aiming at reducing installation time on site, drastically minimising the inconveniences to building occupants that renovations usually entail.

Among StepUP novel deep renovation technologies, a novel plug & play façade integrating windows and provisions for the technical systems and a heating solution allowing flexible consumption of energy have been developed.

The project also tackled the development of data intelligence solutions to make solid decisions in the design stage and to monitor the performance after implementation and new financing models for the optimisation of energy, comfort and cost performance over the life of the building.

Plug & Play Envelope System

Pre-assembled enveloped panel integrating windows and provisions for the technical systems for the active system, as well as complementary features for the passive system. Modules can vary both in height (3.00-4.00m) and width (1.50-2.00m) to adjust to different facade configurations and fit transport limitations.


Flexible heating & cooling solution

New generational thermal battery for storing and flexibly consuming cooling or heating energy monitored and optimised through StepUP data tools. It allows to generate the energy when it is most economical or efficient, store it and use the energy when it is less efficient to produce it.

  • 20 to 50% CO2 emission cut
  • From 25kW to GWs, build to be scalable and expandable
  • Resistance to a wide range storage temperature
  • Eco-friendly PCMs

Innovative financing tools for deep renovation

Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) based on co-investment, continuous performance measurement and management for an optimisation of energy, comfort and cost over the building life. 

The development of a building value model to help stimulate renovation investments and disconnect contract duration from payback time and financing horizon, removing a substantial barrier to the deployment of this innovative approach.


Software tools and platform for data collection

Near-real time data intelligence and a software platform to model and optimise renovation interventions across the life cycle with higher accuracy predictions, reducing renovation investment risk and the performance gap.

With the integration of digitised physics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, StepUP has developed a tool for the creation of a digital twin of any building to analyse all the various decarbonisation options, identify and weigh up the risks and potential savings – prior to implementation – and monitor progress towards net-zero targets over time

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 847053.

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