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This area will contain all videos produced by the StepUP.

StepUP videos

StepUP - Deep energy renovation solutions

StepUP Plug & Play facade assembly

StepUP Plug & Play facade timelapse

Mechanical test of the P&P envelope system

StepUP Pilots

StepUP Pamplona Pilot - Assembly of Plug & Play façade modules in R&D facilities

StepUP Budapest Pilot - Assembly of Plug & Play façade modules for deep energy renovation

StepUP Budapest Pilot - Plug & Play envelope and heating solution

StepUP - Zöld Liget Kindergarten 18th District Budapest Pilot Meetup

Partners interviews

StepUP closing conference

StepUP events

StepUP workshop - Visiting the Spanish project's pilot located at the facilities of the University of Navarra

Webinar - Energy Performance Contracting in combination with innovative deep building renovation

Spanish webinar - Descarbonización de edificios mediante soluciones Plug&Play

Webinar - Designing deep renovation for the decarbonisation of the EU building stock

Presentation of StepUP in events

Upgraded Buildings Conference 2021

NSB Conference 2020

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