StepUP Closing Event

Solutions and Technologies for Deep Energy Renovation Processes Uptake

24th April | 9.15 AM–14.00 PM CEST

The StepUP project final conference will unveil innovative approaches for deep renovation, to contribute to the decarbonization of existing buildings and propel us towards achieving the EU’s 2050 decarbonization objectives

Speakers will introduce innovative methodologies, digital tools, and plug-and-play technologies, highlighting their potential to transform existing buildings. Participants will explore cutting-edge smart tools tailored for the deep energy renovation market, promising streamlined processes and enhanced project outcomes.

Moreover, plug & play technologies supporting retrofitting processes to real-world project pilots will be showcased, providing actionable insights for derisking investments and maximizing benefits. 


OPENING PLENARY: Welcome, StepUP overview and methodology framework

Miguel Casas, Senior PartnerEnerginvest
9.15 – Welcome and StepUP project overview

Amisha Panchal, StepUP Coordinator, R&D Project Manager, Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

9.40 – A holistic methodology for affordable, reliable deep building renovations

Melinda Orova, Senior Consultant, Advanced Building and Urban Design (ABUD)

10.15 – Q&A


SESSION 1: Digital Tools supporting retrofitting processes

Gianluca Perillo, researcher, UNISMART
10.30 – Life cycle platform and data intelligence solutions

Amisha Panchal, StepUP Coordinator, R&D Project Manager, Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

10.50 – smartEPC: smart tools for smart StepUP projects

Lieven Vanstraelen, Senior Partner, Energinvest

11.05 – Guidelines and IT tools for lean industrialised construction

Jesús Alonso, Innovation Director, Construcciones ACR

11.20 – A set-based design matrix for a multifunctional plug-and-play façade

David Masip Vilà, Ph.D. Candidate, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

11.35 – Q&A



SESSION 2: Plug & Play technologies

José Sevillano, Construction Business Developer Manager, Eurecat
12.15 – HeatTank flexible thermal battery for increased energy efficiency

Zoltán Andrássy, Lead engineer, HeatVentors Kft.

12.30 – Plug & Play module envelope system for deep building renovation

Marta Lupi, Project Manager, ISOPAN – MANNI Group

12.45 – Third party products integration

Irene Ràfols, Head of the Product Innovation and Multiphysics Simulation Unit, Eurecat

13.00 – Q&A

SESSION 3: Deep energy renovation project pilots

Melinda Orova, Senior Consultant, Advanced Building and Urban Design (ABUD)

13.15 – Hungarian pilot: Deep energy renovation in a public non-residential building

Zsófia Regula, Project Manager, BP18

13.25 – Spanish Pilot: Residential building deep renovation

María Ibáñez Puy, Head of R&D projects, Construcciones ACR

13.35 – Showcase of StepUP virtual pilot

Amisha Panchal, StepUP Coordinator, R&D Project Manager, Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

13.45 – Q&A



14.00 – Key takeaways & conclusions of the day
Miguel Casas, Senior PartnerEnerginvest



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 847053.

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