Implementation of a multifunctional Plug-and-Play façade using a set-based design approach

Journal of Design Facade and Engineering – Special Issue Multifunctional Façades for Renovation through Industrialization (Vol. 11, Número 2, pp. 71-97)

by Massip, David, Rafols Ribas, Irene (Eurecat Technology Center), & Marrone, Grazia (MANNI Group).


An immediate paradigm shift is needed to transform the deep renovation market for improved building performance and expanded energy efficiency horizons. The financial, social, and sustainability challenges of the EU targets suggest research towards reliable, inter-compatible, and interoperable solutions aiming at combining different energy conservation measures. This work proposes the implementation of a lightweight Plug-and-Play (PnP) building system for façade renovation using a set-based design approach. The PnP module, based on a main structure in the form of a Light Steel Frame (LSF) and a metal-faced sandwich panel, is combined with various market-ready components. The efficient integration of these third-party products is highlighted by defining and demonstrating the design process, implementing a solution driven by the reach of a highly industrialised solution, easy to assemble and install, customizable, scalable, and adaptable to the existing buildings. With the set-based design matrix, different integration scenarios are investigated through virtual prototypes.

Moreover, to facilitate the shift from design to construction of the integrated PnP module, the study proposes three prototyping levels to demonstrate the efficiency of the design integration methodology and the technical feasibility of both the various module’s configurations and the overall module, exploring them through the realisation of preliminary, full-scale façade and actual environment-applied prototypes.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 847053.

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