StepUP project presented at the Upgraded Buildings Conference

StepUP project presented at the Upgraded Buildings Conference

StepUP Upgraded Building Conference

The StepUP project has been presented during the “Upgraded Buildings Conference” celebrated in a virtual format, last February 24th.

Giulia Barbano, project’s coordinator and R&D project manager from Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) participated in the event and presented StepUP as a one of the key Europeans projects transforming the energy market and increasing the rate of renovation across Europe, by the promotion of a deep renovation and decarbonisation of existing buildings.

During the presentation, Barbano gave a general overview about the project and the objectives, explaining the innovative methodology, the StepUP pilots and some of the solutions developed, such as the P&P Envelope mockup and the Smart Heat solution.

StepUP project coordinator also presented the two public deliverables available for the project: the Deliverable 1.2, describing of the StepUP renovation methodology in its current development stage and the Deliverable 3.2, defining the data infrastructure requirements for the StepUP methodology.

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The Upgraded Buildings Conference 2021 was aimed to present the novel technologies and the latest trends in the sector of renewable energy production, energy saving and smart systems application in residential buildings of Greece. The Conference brought together executives of companies that provide energy saving, nZEB technologies for household buildings, home smart systems advisors and manufacturers, reconstruction consultants, energy policy institutions, researchers and engineers, among others.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 847053.

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